The Mother Of All Books (Humour)

Rajni Arun Kumar

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  • Year: 2013

  • Binding: Hardback

  • Publisher: Global Vision Press

  • ISBN No: 9789380707730

From baby bump troubles to nappy changing woes, follow Sense’s humorous look at modern motherhood in India. From “Are you throwing up yet?” and “Where’s the belly? I want to see a belly!” to “Do you have milk?” and “No leaking?”, Sense has to grapple with not just her new found feelings with pregnancy and motherhood, but the barrage of oddly disturbing questions and advice from friends, family and so-called well-wishers.
This book traces the journey of a young Indian couple through the eyes of the mother. As she goes through a myriad of ‘first time’ experiences, with often hilarious results, she hopes to get though motherhood with her sense of humour (and sanity) intact, all the while hoping she hasn’t permanently scarred the baby.

Rajni Arun Kumar

Daughter... Friend... Sister... Wife... Mother... None Of These Quite Defines RAJNI ARUN KUMAR. But They Are A Part Of What Makes Her ‘her’. She Neither Is A Psychiatrist Nor Is She An Expert In Child Rearing. In Fact, She Is A Self-confessed Domestic Disaster, And A Bit Of A Drama Queen. But She Realised That The More She Wrote About Her Experiences On Her Blog (, The More Other Moms And Dads Were Able To Relate To It; They Were Secretly Glad That Someone Had The Good Sense To Laugh About It All. This Is How The Idea For This Book Came Into Form.
Says Rajni, “Somewhere Between Being A DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) With Absolutely No Responsibilities To Becoming A Full-time Mother, I Discovered What I Was Truly Meant To Be Doing – Making People Laugh At My Expense.”
She Is Currently Hard At Work Being A Seasoned ‘disaster-mum’ The Second Time Around, Or As She Claims, ‘researching Book Number 2’.